Stephen Edward Smith – Bio, Family, Illness, Cause Of Death, Net Worth

Stephen Edward Smith is a popular actor, commentator, and TV personality who is well-known for being the talk show host on ESPN’s First Take talk show.

He is also a sports journalist and has worked with various media sectors in his career.

Let’s find out more about him.

Stephen Edward Smith Bio

Stephen Edward Smith was born on September 24, 1927,  and died on August 19, 1990. He was the youngest of the five boys in his family. He went to Polytechnic Prep, where he stood out as an athlete.

At the Polytechnic, he studied history and social sciences at Georgetown University, where he met his future wife, Jean Kennedy.

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The couple married for 34 years in 1956, with 3 children, Stephen Jr., Amanda, and Kym. They also had two adopted sons.


Stephen Edward Smith was born in Bayport, Long Island, New York, to his mother, Julia A. Clearly.  She was the daughter of a four-term congressman, William E. Cleary, and John Joseph Smith, a president of Clearly Brothers, Inc., which operated thugs and barges on New York upstate canals and New York Harbour. He grew up in a section of Brooklyn called Bay Ridge.

Being a student at Georgetown University, he completed school in 1948 with a BSc in History, as mentioned earlier. Stephen Edward Smith served during the Korean War as a first lieutenant in the US Air Force from 1951-1952.

 His paternal grandmothers were Martha and John M. Smith of an old Brooklyn, New York family.

His maternal grandmother was Williams Edward Clearly (1849-1932), a former congressman.

Stephen Edward Smith Career

Stephen Smith joined His family business and then headed the Park Agency Inc. in Manhattan, New York, where he managed $300 million in Kennedy family investments.

After his father-in-law suffered a stroke on 19 Dec, 1961, Smith managed the Kennedy family’s fortune. He was responsible for overseeing the trusts that benefited him and his family, as well as the other children and grandchildren of Rose and Joe Kennedy.

He was the Undersecretary of the Treasury under President John F. Kennedy. Smith played an active role in all the Kennedy brother’s presidential campaigns – John, Robert, and Ted.

Later, in Winston-Salem Journal, Stephen joined the department of sports and began the job of a clerk. Soon, he began his career with Greensboro News and Record and New York Daily News as a reporter.

He also spent most of his career for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a reporter. He began in 1994 and also has various credentials as an NBA writer, NBA columnist, and a general sports columnist in 2003

He was then asked to join the ESPN television broadcast network In 2003. With ESPN, he started his columnist job for the newspaper in 2010.

He also hosted ESPN’s Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith from 2005 to 2007, and in 2014, he started his show ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’.

Stephen Edward Smith’s as an Actor

He also has had good roles in the movies. His debut was in 2007 when he appeared as the character BrickGeneral Hospital, an ABC soap opera.

Stephen Edward Smith Net Worth

Stephen Edward’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million to $10 million dollars. Most of his source of wealth was from his career as a Businessman and journalist.

Stephen Edward Smith Illness and Death

is no longer a stranger to substance use disorder and mental health issues. He has seen the danger of being addicted to substances. When this happened, the Smiths maintained a low public profile, and in 1990, Stephen died from lung cancer.

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