Ryan Hornacek Biography, Career, Parents, Siblings

Ryan Hornacek is the first son and child of American retired basketball player and now coach Jeff Hornacek. His mom is Stacy Hornacek, and he has two younger siblings, Tyler and Abby Hornacek.

Ryan was also a basketball player like his father. However, information about his exploits as a basketballer is not well documented.

We know that he played basketball wearing the number 22 jersey at Brophy College Preparatory in 2006, and his playing position was shooting guard.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ryan Hornacek
Age 34 years old
Birth Year August 6, 1989
Place of Birth Phoenix, Arizona
Nationality American
Parents Father: Jeff Hornacek
Mother: Stacy Hornacek
Siblings Younger Brother: Tyler Hornacek
Younger Sister: Abby Hornacek
Height 6’3″
191 cm
1.91 m
Weight 77 kg
170 lbs
School Brophy College Preparatory

Early Life & Background

Ryan Hornacek was born on August 6, 1989, in Phoenix, Arizona. He is 34 years old.

He lived in Salt Lake City with his parents from kindergarten until his freshman year at St. Vincent de Paul School and Judge Memorial. After attending Brophy College Preparatory, he attended and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in finance and economics.

Ryan’s got a big family. His younger brother is Tyler Hornacek (born June 19, 1990), who also played basketball and volleyball at Brophy College Prep, and he has a younger sister named Abby Hornacek (born in 1994), who went on to become a digital host for the online 120 Sports network in 2016.

Ryan has three paternal uncles named Jim Hornacek, John Hornacek, and Jay Hornacek. Also, Ryan’s grandparents are Sue Hornacek and John Hornacek.

Ryan Hornacek Parents

Ryan Hornacek’s parents are Jeff Hornacek and Stacy Hornacek.

His father, Jeff Hornacek, works as a coach and used to play basketball professionally. He advises the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Before that, he led the Phoenix Suns (2013–2016) and the New York Knicks (2016–2018) as their head coach. He also helped out as a coach for the Houston Rockets.

Jeff played as a shooting guard in the NBA from 1986 to 2000 and played college basketball at Iowa State University.

For now, information about Ryan’s mother “Stacy” is scarce. We know her marriage to Jeff, which happened on June 7, 1986, and that she gave birth to three children.

Personal Life

Ryan Hornacek is married to Casey Hornacek. They got married on February 13, 2016, in a wedding attended by family and friends and spiced up by a musical performance by David Rothstein Music.

The couple lives together in Chicago with their two sons, Frank and Patrick, and their family pet, an Irish Doodle dog they named Finnegan.

Ryan and Casey enjoy fun activities like hiking in Machu Picchu mountain and spending quality time with family.


While Ryan was still studying, he was a congressional summer intern for U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, hinting at his career in politics.

Despite his father’s fame in basketball, Ryan has chosen to keep a low profile and keep certain information about himself private.

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