Ruth Clapton: Eric Clapton’s Daughter

Ruth Clapton is the oldest child of legendary English guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton.

She describes herself as a York-based mother of 2 boys, a millennial mum, a beauty Junkie, and an occasional musician.

Ruth Clapton, as a celebrity kid, experienced a lot of unwanted attention when it came to the limelight that she was the daughter of famous guitarist Eric Clapton, who had an affair with Yvonne Kelly.

Now that Ruth is 38 years old, she is riding on that attention to her advantage. She is an influencer on social media; she focuses on creating beauty and fashion-related content and giving her 7,000+ Instagram followers tips for more attractive outfits or accessories.

As you would expect from the child of Eric Clapton, a popular singer, Ruth ventured into music only for a while.

Read the article to find out more about Eric Clapton’s daughter and her career.

Profile Summary

Name Ruth Clapton
Famous as Daughter of Eric Clapton
Age 38 years
Born January 1985
Spouse Dean Bartlett
Children Isaac Eric Owen Bartlett
Theodore Ivan Bartlett
Parents Eric Clapton and Yvonne Kelly
Siblings Julie Rose Clapton
Sophie Belle Clapton
Ella May Clapton
Conor Clapton
Grandparents Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer

Ruth Clapton Biography

Ruth Clapton, born on 38 years, is a digital content creator and daughter of the British guitarist Eric Clapton.

Born in Doncaster, Ruth shares her hometown with her husband, Dean Bartlett, and their sons, Theodore and Isaac. Ruth spent her early years on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, residing there until the age of eight, after which she returned to Doncaster.

Introduced to the public’s awareness in 1991, Ruth is the daughter of Eric Clapton and Yvonne Kelly, her mother. Her origins trace back to an affair between Eric and Kelly during his first marriage to Pattie Boyd.

This stigma caused a lot of pain for young Ruth as she received a lot of bad media as a little girl.


Ruth Clapton earns a living as a digital content creator. She also posts images and life experiences she created with her children on social media.

She is making progress in following her father’s singing career, initially by crafting lyrics and progressing to create her music. As much as she is focused on generating content for her dedicated followers, she makes time to upload song covers to her Instagram account, @ruthclaptonmusic, dedicated to her music.

She hinted about releasing her EP album in November 2021, but she has yet to come through with that. However, in January 2022, she was featured by Brooks Young Band rock band in a single titled Promises.

Ruth Clapton Parents

Unlike some, Ruth has two stepfathers and one biological father, and this caused her some trauma in her life, as the family setup was not what she understood in her childhood.

Ruth grew up with her stepfather, who trained her and brought her up with some tender loving care, but eventually, because of her real father, Eric Clapton, Ruth and her stepfather began to have issues and drifted apart. Although not much is known about her stepfather or who he was.

On her own WordPress Blog, Ruth explained the relationship she had with her second stepfather. According to her, at the age of ten, her mother, Yvonne Kelly, got married for the second time, giving Ruth another stepfather, who was mean to her and abused her verbally several times.

This added another trauma to her and later reflected in her life as she grew up, and caused her to go to therapy to help heal and forget and manage the mental scars left behind from the memories.

But luckily for her, she was close to her mother and biological father, who shielded her.

Ruth Clapton Quarrel With Eric Clapton over Kermit The Frog Costume

Ruth and her biological father, Eric, have had a good relationship ever since the death of her little brother, Conor.

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However, Eric, who loves to keep his private life away from social media, took it out on Ruth when he realized that she had been putting up his private life on Twitter now X. Eric found out when he saw that she shared a picture of him at home putting on a Kermit The Frog Costume for his 70th birthday.

The picture shared by Ruth broke the father-daughter relationship Eric and Ruth had, with Ruth disassociating herself from her father after he asked that the pictures be removed.

Eric and Ruth reconciled after six years. It is fair to say the media got the wave of their reconciliation six years later as they kept the aftermath of events hidden.

Their reunion came to light during the separation and divorce between Ruth and her husband, Dean Bartlett, when she needed emotional support, and Eric was there for her.

Marriage and Children

Ruth Clapton got married to Dean Bartlett at the St. Mary Magdalen Church in Ripley in 2005. The couple had two sons, Issac and Theodore.

Ruth Claptons children - Thrill NG
Ruth Clapton Children – Issac and Theodore

At her wedding to Dean, Ruth’s father, Eric played and entertained 150 guests at the reception ceremony at Eric’s Surrey mansion.

Not much is known about Ruth and her husband, but they shocked fans when the couple announced their divorce in November 2020 and the decision to co-parent their children and protect them from the mental effects that divorce causes to children.

Ruth Clapton’s Net Worth

Ruth earns about $38,440 per year. Regardless, she lives a comfortable life thanks to her father’s net worth of $450 million.

Her digital content career is focused more on beauty and fashion tips and personal experiences, like her move to New York, her family updates, and other personal things.

She promotes beauty products and fashion brands as a source of income.

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