Pattie Boyd Biography, Husband, Relationship Timeline

Pattie Boyd is an icon, even to date. She is famous for being one of the best photographers in the early 80s, a stunning model, and the ex-wife of two members of the Beatles, George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

Even though she didn’t have any children for any of those men, she was a muse and an inspiration behind some of their music, like Layla and Wonderful Night.

Although Pattie has been married twice, her third marriage to husband Rod Weston has lasted six years and counting. Rod, on the other hand, has never been married but was in a live-in situation with Pattie.

Let’s look at the timeline of Pattie’s relationship with all the men she’s dated and married.

Profile Summary

Full Name Patricia Anne Pattie Boyd
Date of Birth March 17, 1944
Age 79 years old
Place of Birth Taunton, Somerset, England
Parents Colin Ian Langdon Boyd and Diana Frances Drysdale
Siblings Colin Jr. (brother)
Paula (sister)
David, Robert, Clare, Julia (half-siblings)
Education Boarding school at Nakuru School in Nairobi
First Marriage (1966-1977) George Harrison (member of The Beatles)
Second Marriage (1979-1989) Eric Clapton (musician)
Third Marriage (2015-present) Rod Weston (businessman, property developer)
Career – Modeling Modeling and Career – Photography
Notable Works Inspired songs like “Layla” and “Wonderful Night”
Husband Rod Weston Rod Weston
Marriage Date (with Rod) 2015
Marriage Duration (with Rod) Six years and counting

Pattie Boyd Biography

Pattie Boyd now and then
Pattie Boyd now and then

Patricia’s full name is Patricia Anne Pattie Boyd, and she was born on March 17, 1944. She is a native of Taunton, Somerset, and the first child of Colin Ian Langdon Boyd and Diana Frances Drysdale, who got married on September 14, 1942.

She grew up in West Lothian, Scotland, and her younger brother Colin Jr. was born two years later in 1946. Their family moved about a lot as her father was a bomber pilot for the British Royal Air Force. This also made her school in different places.

Their father, Colin, was discharged from the Royal Air Force as a pilot for a time during WWII due to an injury, but he was later returned to the Army in 1946. For a long while, Patricia and her sibling lived in Nairobi, Kenya, with their family, as that is where their father served.

In Kenya, Pattie’s last sister Paula was born in Nakuru in 1951, and that makes her a citizen of Kenya by birth.

Patricia went to boarding school at Nakuru School in Nairobi, and it was a mixed feeling for her there, as it was in Kenya that her parents divorced in 1952 when she was just eight years old.

In December 1953, her mother took the kids and went back to England, just after her marriage to Colin Boyd ended, and she later married Bobbie Gaymer-Jones. Back there, her mother had two more children with Bobbie: David (1954) and Robert (1955).

Her father, Colin, also remarried and had two daughters: Clare (1962) and Julia (1964). Her stepsister, Clare, died in 2018.

Pattie pursued her passion as a photographer and model from an early age. In the 1960s era, Patricia was among the most famous and leading international models.

In that same vein, there were other models like Jean Shrimpton, who stamped the most iconic female look and pose of the British era.

Patricia wrote and then published her autobiography Wonderful Today in 2007. Several of her photographs of her ex-husbands, George and Eric, which she captioned ‘Through the Eye of a Muse,’ are all exhibited in galleries all over the USA.

Pattie launched another book, “My Life in Pictures,” in London, UK, on 18 Oct 2022.

Patricia Boyd’s Careers


She started at a beauty salon in London in 1962, where she worked as a shampoo girl. It was at this point that she was met by an agent who told her about a job as a model, as she was beautiful and had a physique.

As Pattie’s fame and popularity grew, she had several offers for TV ads and movie roles. She even featured in a Smith’s potato chips ad, which Richard Lester directed.

Again, Richard Lester had another gig for Pattie in 1964, but little did she know that it wasn’t a TV ad but a role in her very first film called A Hard Day’s Night, where she had to shout one word at the four most famous people in the world at that time, they Beatles. she shouted the word ‘Prisoners!’


Patricia Boyd’s amazing photography skills were a result of the numerous years she’d spent posing to the camera.

Her very first gallery show was at the San Francisco Art Exchange, and the picture was of her ex-husbands George Harrison and Eric Clapton. It was a show-themed ‘Through the Eye of a Muse,’ and exhibited on Valentine’s Day 2005.

The photos were also opened both in San Francisco and in London (2006), California (2008), Dublin, and Toronto (2008), as well as in Sydney and Kazakhstan (2009–2010).

Another of her works, ‘Yesterday and Today,’ which showcased The Beatles, was exhibited in 2011 on Santa Catalina Island and in Washington, DC.

Her Romantic Life

George Harrison

Pattie was married to George Harrison, a member of The Beatles, for two years, from 1966 to 1977, and then divorced him in 1974.

A few weeks after she and George broke up, she went for Eric Clapton, who was deeply in love with her while she was still married to his best friend. Just like she and George, Pattie married Eric for only two years (1979), and they also divorced in 1989.

Several reasons contributed to their divorce: George and her were driving apart, and things were getting out of hand with each other. George was young and male, and he wanted to have fun and enjoy the attention he got from girls and ladies and the privilege that comes from being rich and handsome.

Even though they were still in love with each other, they had to divorce and go their different ways.

Eric Clapton

In 1960, Eric and George were best of friends, and they fell in love with the same girl, Pattie Boyd. Even though George was his friend, he was still heartbroken when he first got married to Pattie and was with her for years.

And when George and Pattie divorced two years later, he swept in and married Pattie the following year. When he was with his new band Derek and the Dominos, his 1970 album was inspired by Pattie on his hit songs like Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

Eric fell into some serious alcohol and heroin addiction and personal exile for three years, and this was because Pattie refused his advances and romantic dates.

Eric briefly dated Pattie’s sister Paula to work this infatuation with Pattie out of his system, but that didn’t seem to work. So, in 1974, he went ahead and chased Pattie for the second time, just after he’d won the battle with his addictions.

In an interview with the actor John Hurt, he said that the two friends, George and Eric, had a guitar ‘duel’ over Pattie to see who was the better man and lover. The duel was hosted at Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames, England.

Rod Weston

Name Rod Weston
Famous as Pattie Boyd’s Husband
Born 1953
Age 70 years old
Spouse Pattie Boyd
Profession Businessman, property developer

His full name is Rodney Edward Weston, and he was born in 1953. He’s 70 years old, and he’s well known as Pattie Boyd’s long-term boyfriend and third husband.

Rod Weston is an estate developer and a member of the Businesspeople in Construction, Britain.

Rod and Pattie met in 1991, dated for 25 years together, and married in 2015. The wedding ceremony was quiet and intimate at the Kensington and Chelsea Registry Office in London, with just friends and family present to witness the union.

After the ceremony, Rod said it was their silver anniversary, so they thought they’d just make it official. So far, they are still officially married for six years and plan on staying married.

Her Charity Works

Pattie started her charity work when she divorced Eric in 1980, and in 1991, Pattie and Barbara Bach founded a charity organization called SHARP (Self Help Addiction Recovery Program).

The inspiration behind SHARP was birthed from the pain and emotional distress she experienced during Eric’s battle with addiction. Even before that, she’s been very open to charity work, and she saw the fame and intensity that came with being the wife of a Beatles member, as that was one of the reasons that drove Eric to drugs.

Barbara was one of the Beatles members, Ringo Starr’s second wife. At one time during her first marriage to George, an unknown person reached out to Pattiie and asked her to donate old glasses, and she was happy to help. But this made George so furious with her.

She said later that when she asked George about how to handle such situations, he only demanded she stop talking to the media.

Pattie Boyd is still an icon today. She’s still strong and runs her organization. She has a major impact on the fashion, music, and model industries.

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