Meet Ng’ethe Njoroge – Tom Morello’s Father

Ng’ethe Njoroge is a Kenyan journalist and former diplomat, best known as the father of Tom Morello, the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.

Njoroge is also the cousin of Jomo Kenyatta, the former first president of Kenya. Njoroge held significant roles, including assistant secretary at the Ministry of Lands and Settlements from 1963 to 1964, senior assistant secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and served as a delegate to the Organisation of African Unity.

Profile Summary

Name Ng’ethe Njoroge
Age 95 years old
Date of Birth November 10, 1928
Place of Birth Central Province, Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Occupation Former: Diplomat
Former Journalist
Former: Political Personality
Sibling Brother: Ngethe Njoroge
Sister: Jemimah Gecaga
Relatives Jomo Kenyatta
Children Tom Morello and 4 others
Grandchildren Rhoads Morello

Ng’ethe Njoroge Biography

Ng’ethe Njoroge, born on November 10, 1928, in Kenya to Leah Magana and George Segeni Njoroge, belonged to a Kikuyu family. His parents were early Christians attending the Church of the Torch founded by the renowned Church of Scotland minister, John William Arthur.

According to Tuko, it’s alleged that Njoroge was originally an ethnic Masai named Segeni ole Mbuchucha but later adopted the Kikuyu name Njoroge. He initially worked as a cook at a Presbyterian mission in Nairobi and later ventured into opening a store and a transport company.

Dimitri Tiomkin with Ng Ethe Njoroge - Thrill NG
Dimitri Tiomkin with Ng-Ethe Njoroge (source:

Njoroge has five brothers and one sister. His sister, Jemimah Gecaga, made history as the first female member of parliament in Kenya. Another notable figure in his family was his brother, Kenyan Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament Njoroge Mungai. Moreover, Jomo Kenyatta, his cousin, became the first elected president of Kenya.

Educationally, Njoroge attended Alliance High School in Kikuyu, Kenya, and Busoga University in Iganga, Uganda. He later moved to the United States, where he studied at Central State College in Wilberforce, Ohio. In 1960, he pursued a Master’s in Journalism at Boston University, completing his degree in 1961.


Following the presidency of his cousin, Jomo Kenyatta, Ng’ethe Njoroge held several key positions in the Kenyan government.

His roles included assistant secretary at the Ministry of Lands and Settlements 1963–1964, senior assistant secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1964, delegate to the Organisation of African Unity (1964), member of the Delegation to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1964, member of the Kenyan Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly (1964, 1965, 1966), head of the Africa and Middle East Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nairobi 1964–1967, counselor of the Kenyan Embassy in Bonn, Germany 1968–1970, Ambassador to Italy and Switzerland 1974, and Kenyan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 1970–1978.

Ngethe Njoroge working - Thrill NG
Ng-Ethe Njoroge (source:

Meet Ng’ethe Njoroge Son – Tom Morello

Tom Morello, born on May 30, 1964, is the son of Ng’ethe Njoroge and Mary Morello. He is an influential American musician and political activist, widely known for his exceptional guitar skills showcased in bands like Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave.

In addition to his collaborations with Bruce Springsteen and his solo work as the Nightwatchman, Morello is deeply committed to political causes, actively participating in groups such as Street Sweeper Social Club and Axis of Justice.

Recognized for his unique guitar style, Morello holds socialist views and has earned acclaim as one of the greatest guitarists, securing the 19th spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s rankings.

Personal Life

Ng’ethe Njoroge was initially married to “Teacher and activist” Mary Morello, and they had one son, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

However, their marriage ended in divorce a year after their son was born. When Tom Morello was just 16 months old, Ng’ethe Njoroge returned to Kenya. Later on, he remarried and went on to have three more sons. But not much information is known about his present wife and children.

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